Faceted Pendant Lights – The Large Sphere

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Inspiration really can come from anywhere.  Sometimes I will see an odd product at a hardware store and just know, that could be a light.  Sometimes I see a fully formed light idea and just know I have to try it for myself.  That’s what happened with this project.

I may not have been posting over the last three months, but I certainly have been creating.  My latest obsession has been with fortune tellers, you know those little folded things we made as kids?  (Some people call them ‘cooty catchers’ but I’m not crazy about that phrase, and since I personally only used them as fortune tellers, that’s what I call them.)  My best friend spotted these lights at Anthropologie and she just knew we had to try and re-create them.  They had basically covered a standard paper lantern (only my favorite material) with hundreds of folded fortune tellers!


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